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Digital Archives notes?

Were there any notes from the Digital Archives session?

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Ontological Crises notes

THATCamp – ontological crisis Example: Music software – music educators not always clear on some issues – although composers have been digital for decades – notation accompanied by playback to hear what you’re writing, but product is a score – … Continue reading

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Gamification: taking principles of game design and applying it to other activities and professions to make them more engaging/bearable/fun. There is controversy and conflict about the topic and how it relates to students.  The Escapist’s “Extra Credits” video on the … Continue reading

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The Social Classroom

What is the definition of social reading?: Reading and analyzing texts collaboratively possible tools: good reads, social tagging (i.e. flickr) Ancient jewish concept of Midrash of collaboratively commenting on holy texts by scholars Comment Press–WordPress plugin for collaboration, annotation, alternative … Continue reading

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“Engaging Colleagues” Session Notes

  Using digital portfolios in a department whose chair is highly tech-phobic (refuses to use email, etc.).  How do you deal with a situation like that? (Faculty engaging student with digital tools are primarily lecturers in the dept.) Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Undergrad research group notes

A ton of support for science undergrad research, but zero for humanities Being an aide for faculty moving in this direction “Ruckus”: getting iPads for students/faculty, made deal w/ faculty that students will use it constructively What are other people … Continue reading

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Making Your First Map

Here is the handout I will be using for this bootcamp.  If you’re not attending this bootcamp but would like to participate and contribute here are some ways to get involved: One of the things we will be doing at … Continue reading

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Joint Session: THATCamps LAC and Prime

Collaboration Recent notices from funding agencies have been clear – they want to fund digital humanities work and they want to fund collaborations between R1 and Liberal Arts Colleges. Given this, we’d like to devote this session to talking about … Continue reading

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I have already learned a lot from several people. I think this will be a great conference.

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Session 1: Making Our Schedule

Your THATCampLAC organizers spent some time turning all your blog posts into a series of session choices.  Below is the list we’ve come up with.  Tomorrow morning we’ll pick our favorites and add anything’s that missing.  Under each topic, we’ve … Continue reading

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