Making Your First Map

Here is the handout I will be using for this bootcamp.  If you’re not attending this bootcamp but would like to participate and contribute here are some ways to get involved:

One of the things we will be doing at this boot camp is “Asking” geographic questions as they relate to digital humanities. Take a look at the questions people come up with and feel free to post your own.

We will also be adding to a google spreadsheet any datasets that people have come across that have been particularly useful to them.  If you have a great resource to share, PLEASE add to the list!

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About Krissy Lukens

I have taught both in K-12 and the higher ed setting in IT for almost 20 years. I am most passionate about multi-media authoring that involves programming (my undergraduate was in computer-programming, so it's hard to let that go!) There's a good article I read about programming as the new "literacy". However, my latest endeavors and interestes have led me to GIS and integration into the curriculum. I'm fascinated with this and would love to talk to others about their ideas!