Reaching Out: How do we bring the rest of our worlds in to DH?

Based on a suggestion by Jay Cook, we propose a session focused on the question of connecting with the greater worlds/universes we all move in.

  • For technology staffers: how do we reach faculty who are reluctant to engage digital strategies?  If we build it, will they come?
  • For faculty: how do we spin a successful narrative (thanks Fred Johnson) which both justifies our existence but more importantly convinces the larger faculty and the larger research/collaboration sphere that this direction is not only useful but vital.
  • For students: how do we use the ubiquitous tools of technology in harmony with the academic environment which at times is intimidating and difficult to engage.  How do we honor the backgrounds of other students who are less digitally fluent than us, for whatever reason?
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About Dave Carroll

Dave is a 12-year veteran software developer who decided in 2010 to go back to school to earn secondary teaching certificates in Math and Choral Music. Since his bachelor's (Math) is from Kenyon College and his current institution is St. Norbert College (where his wife is a professor), he feels pretty connected to the spirit of the liberal arts college.