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Related to the broader question…

One of the issues SNC’s President, Tom Kunkel, has raised is what will happen to current institutions of higher education if we do not embrace the possibilities of new technologies in the way we deliver education?  Tom came from journalism … Continue reading

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Staying in the dorms

Just in case you haven’t stayed in a dorm since college, here’s some information for those of us who took the dorm option.  Thanks to Patrick Olejniczak of the Kress Inn & Bemis Conference Center. The dorm room is configured with common … Continue reading

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Session ideas: Finding one’s way in DH

I’m most interested in figuring out what it means to work in Digital Humanities–both in terms of honing my own skills as a teacher and scholar and in terms of explaining that work to others. I’ve broken those interests into … Continue reading

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I just made a Facebook Page for ThatCamp LAC

In the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, I have just established a Facebook page for THATCamp LAC.  I thought we might like a place where we could connect casually, get to know one another, post things we come across, and … Continue reading

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New Logo for THATCamp LAC

Thanks to Rudof Ammann at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, we have a spiffy new logo. We think it looks pretty great, and will look even better on our t-shirts and other swag. If you want one of those … Continue reading

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1st Bootcamp Announcement

I’m thrilled to announce the first bootcamp for THATCamp LAC: Bootcamp 1: Integrating Digital Humanities Projects into the Undergraduate Curriculum Presenters: Rebecca Frost Davis, Program Officer for the Humanities, National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE) Kathryn Tomasek, Associate … Continue reading

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Travel and Accommodations

Participants will be able to fly into the Austin Straubel International Airport, which is a few miles from the St. Norbert College campus. Both hotel and dorm-style lodging will be available. A block of rooms has been reserved at the … Continue reading

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The “Digital Humanities”—Whazzat? Unfortunately, there’s no one-sentence answer to this question yet. The term “Digital Humanities” describes a field still defining itself. For some guidance, however, you can refer to these articles that wrestle with that very question: What is … Continue reading

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Announcing: THATCamp LAC!

THATCamp Liberal Arts Colleges will focus on a particular academic setting—the liberal arts college—rather than a particular geographic region. We envision two main tracks in the unconference. One will focus on doing digital humanities work at an LAC, where one … Continue reading

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