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Will this help me keep my job, or lose it?

I’ve just finished rereading the postings and comments through yesterday morning, and I have four session topics to propose after seeing our group-generated body of work so far. I’ll make separate postings for them, since the group will probably want … Continue reading

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Session Idea – Technology in a writing center

How can technology help students navigate the writing process? At the Vassar writing center (where I am a student consultant) we have been working on ways to better integrate technology into the way we interact with writers and collect data … Continue reading

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What’s Going Into Your Course(s)?

There’s maybe some overlap to other suggested sessions in my idea here, but… My Digital Storytelling course, in particular, has been great to put together, but it feels like such a creature of my own brain that I would like … Continue reading

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Interdepartmental Resource Sharing/Coordination; Interdisciplinary Minors

At Whitworth, faculty from English, communications and journalism, computer science, and art are all teaching courses that in some ways cross into the digital humanities by dealing with media studies or media production in some way.  The oldest of those … Continue reading

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Session Idea – Social Reading

This proposal is for a mix of question-asking and idea-sharing. One of the fundamental tasks in many humanities classes is reading a text to discuss it with a group. Students are already bringing their own devices to class, and some … Continue reading

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Is There a Tech in This Class?*

I have often had students contribute to a class blog as a writing assignment. There are two things that I’m wrestling with. (Well, at least two things…) Students are really nervous about using an unfamiliar technology at first, and then … Continue reading

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“Iron Chef” DH Challenge!

B”H OK, I have already made a facebook page for us and suggested some sessions, but I got this idea today and thought I would throw it out there. I am going to be teaching World Literature next semester, a … Continue reading

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A broader question…

As a teacher educator and educational psychologist I am broadly interested in how technology changes and elevates learning. Questions: *How do we create a culture at a small liberal arts college that both embraces traditional pedagogy/ways of knowing and new … Continue reading

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Collaboration and Connection at LACs with DHCommons

One of the most significant reasons for having a THATCamp organized specifically for liberal arts colleges is to address the not uncommon isolation of digital humanists at smaller institutions.  Some  – maybe many – of those attending THATCamp LAC may … Continue reading

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Music Composition: The DH Edition! What counts as “composition” anymore?

Hi gang! More of a series of questions and less of a proposal (I suppose that’s why were at THATCamp LAC, right?)… Musicians (specifically composers) in academia are behind the curve in our pedagogical evolution apropos technological advancements and an … Continue reading

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