“Ask the Undergrads”, DH Edition

EDIT: The session is over, and was a great conversation.  Some sketchy notes on the proceedings are found here: bit.ly/l3C0yk


It seems at least three campers are currently students at a SLAC, though I’ll be the first to admit I fit this definition somewhat marginally.

At any rate, I propose a simple Q&A panel with the current students up front and the rest (almost all SLAC educators) peppering us for frank feedback on what has worked and not worked in our experiences with classroom/course technology.  Maybe we’ll find some really obvious no-brainers that no one ever seems to talk about (e.g. the ubiquity of SMS texting as a communication method for the 17-22 set).

I’m hoping the spirit of the weekend (and the fact that no one is assigning grades) will encourage some tough but fair pragmatic conversation.

Possible starter questions:

  • When do course / facilitation software (Moodle et al) packages become cumbersome rather than enabling?
  • Digital syllabi: if we had to define a college-wide policy on delivery format, what would it be?
  • Students often think of multi-modal / multi-media projects as somehow easier than a traditional paper.  Why is that?  What are the consequences?
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Dave is a 12-year veteran software developer who decided in 2010 to go back to school to earn secondary teaching certificates in Math and Choral Music. Since his bachelor's (Math) is from Kenyon College and his current institution is St. Norbert College (where his wife is a professor), he feels pretty connected to the spirit of the liberal arts college.